Dangers of sex abuse or misuse

It may lead to sexually transmitted diseases (STDS) e.g. gonorrhoea, syphilis which can affect partners, children and lead to death, blindness etc.

Production of unwanted children causing child neglect and in turn girl may be excommunicated from home.

Losses of career since girls in schools are expelled and if say a teacher is responsible for pregnancies he can loose the job.

A girl in turn becomes second hand and one can girl to get a food partner and such relationship lacks respect and trust. At times pregnancy is rejected.

Some girls turn to abortion which is sinful and dangerous.

Leads to over population and congestion in families.

Loss of virginity; highly valued in Africa tradition; it also reduces respect from husband.

Leads to loss of respect to the girls who is seen as cheap and in most cases those intending to marry them end up dropping the idea.

Misuse of contraceptives and condoms since they are used for irresponsible sex. At times they have side effects.

All sexual deviations are condemned. (Ex 20: 14, 1 Cor 6:9 -11, Lev 18: 19).

Leads to endless troubles with parents of the girls suing the boy.

After prostitution there is no hope of stable marriage and even one succeeds the experience have Loup term effects.

It may become addictive where one wants to change partners any how.

Sex with the underage lead to imprisonment.

Sex by rape has no love involved and destructive.

It brings disorder when competitors discover each other.

Can lead to regrets, shame, guilt and frustrations where some commit suicide.