Family Conflicts

These are conflicts among family members causing disharmony in society. They can be mild / severe and they include parent- child, husband - wife, child - child conflicts. There can be also in-law, co- wives and neighbour conflicts. These often result in fights, quarrels, death, witchcraft and therefore great effort to solve them in order to cause reconciliation. An example of family conflict in the bible is Luke is in the story of the prodigal son.

The Following Could Be the Causes:-

Permissiveness of society where one's behaviours are not monitored, with too much freedom till it is climaxed with such conflicts.

Poor examples from parents and society may lead to lack of respect by children. Generation gap where elders fail to understand the young in terms of thinking, discipline resulting into resentment.

Rampant breakdown of family relationships caused by divorce and separation makes children lack guidance.

The freedom and irresponsible use of sex, drugs, alcohol, and smoking has effect as it makes one feel mature and hard lives to listen.

Mass media exposes children to all sorts of evils.

Single parenthood has also contributed to misunderstandings because guidance is single handed.

Witchcraft between stepsons, step mothers I father co- wives, brothers and neighbours

Human frustrations e.g. dependency, unemployment e.g. the man at Nsangi in 2006 who killed 7 people (children) in the house and later killed himself after he had been frustrated by the wife.

Discos, tend various forms of leisure can make one irresponsible leading to misinterpretations or conflicts in the family .

The AIDS scourge where the youth don't care and would like to enjoy without reservation.

Unfaithfulness between marriage partners.

Peer group pressure influences one to behave act in a manner that may be displeasing and thus causing conflicts.

In boarding schools children learn behaviours which are not fitting with the accepted norms of their society. This at times makes them be rebellious.

Rigidity and unwillingness to be advised / change.

Political affiliation often brings out conflicts e.g. a man in Gulu beat his wife to death for voting Museveni. In addition Njuba and his wife separated due to political affiliation.

Influence of advertisement such as Nile special, chairman, and making one to taste and later becomes addicted.

New religion always calls for conversion whereby the parents may not be ready to accept e.g. Moslem parents to one born again.

Biblical Teaching about Conflicts

The Bible right from the old testament to the New Testament offers various guidelines on how such conflicts can be avoided in order to live in harmony in a family relationship as fallows:-

In Exod. 20, the fifth commandment teaches children to obey their parents (father and mother) so that their days can be long.

They should also work hard in order to contribute to the stability of the home socially, and economically. "Those who do not work should not eat" (2 Thess. 3: 10).

Children ware to respect and love their parents who can easily guide them to respect other members of society.

Children are supposed to look after ageing parents which enables them to receive God's blessings.

Adopt Christian values such as prayer, patience, Kindness, sharing (a family that prays together stays together.")

This is possible if possible if parents do encourage family prayer, Bible study and fellowship for spiritual growth.

Titus 2:6 encourages the young to be self controlled but this is possible if elders can set examples.

Provo 29: 17 teaches that parents are to discipline their children in order to put them right (of Heb 12:7).