Sex Promiscuity

Common causes of sex promiscuity

Promiscuity is a disorder in sex whereby a person diverts/ diverges from normal sexual relations as created by God (between married persons) e.g. homosexuality, prostitution etc.


1. Human and moral weaknesses/ irresponsibility.

2. Sexual starvation.

3. Psychological illness/ mental disorder.

4. Curiosity about sex especially by the youth.

5. Economic hardships in order to be able to survive.

6. Environment (social influences)

7. Impotence and frigidity of a partner.

8. Immodest dressings such as min have / see me through.

9. Lust for sexual pleasures.

10. Permissiveness due to too much freedom.

11. Unsatisfactory sexual relationship in marriage.

12. Alcohol or use of drugs.

13. Immaturity and weaknesses.

14. Long seclusion from partners due to work distances or imprisonment.

15. Hormone imbalance.