Homosexuality and lesbianism

"Homosexuality and lesbianism are new developments in today's secondary schools and higher institutions of learning" As a Christian, comment, analyse causes and give solutions.

Homosexuality is the seeking of sexual gratification between male members; also called sodomy after the cities of Sodom and Gomorah which God destroyed (Gen 19 of 2 Pet 2:6-10, Jude 7-8).

It is a serious sin (1 cor 6: 1 0) for those who practice it will never enter the kingdom of God. "Calamity refers to the male who takes up the female role (also called gays) and pubescent who takes the male role."

On the other hand, lesbianism is a practice of sexual gratification between females.

The possible causes include the following:-

1.     Western influence who have tried to legalise it e.g. in South Africa.

2.     Economic hardships for survival.

3.     Peer group influence by copying from others.

4.     Influence of mass media; films, radio, pornographic literature.

5.     Isolation from opposite sex in case of single schools, prison etc.

6.     Fear to approach the opposite sex.

7.     Moral degeneration/ decline in traditional morals.

8.     Frustrations with member of the opposite sex.

9.     Idleness, an idle mind is the devil's workshop.

10.            Absence of strict laws.

11.            Environmental upbringing.

12.            Lack of enough counselling.

13.            Lack of self control.

14.            Parents portray bad example and some have no time to teach children.

Possible solutions

Expose the evil.

Ban pornographic films, literature.

Adjust on guidance and counselling.

Engage in constructive work and avoid idleness.

Punish the offenders in courts of law.

Involve sengas (aunts) and other elders as in the past.

Influence of mass media using cultural programs and other influential members by exposing dangers.

Join clubs, fellowships.

Gospel preaching, workshops, seminars for change (Spiritual).

Economic development.

Parents should be more responsible to educate children.