Sub-Topic 1: Introduction to Marriage

The sub- topic covers the institution of marriage, that is, the meaning, forms and why some forms are shunned by individuals.



Using guided discussion ask learners to express their opinions on the different forms of marriage


Marriage is the union of a man and a woman to form a family. It is also an agreement or a state in which a man and a woman decide to leave their parents' home's purposely to live together as one body.

In some cases these who marry can be closely related like it is common among Arabs, Jews and Indians where cousins and step sisters and brothers can marry each other but it is rare in most African societies.

Marriages within / between closely related persons is called endogamy while that with less or no relationship is exogamy. Under exogamy parents and couples to be try to find out whether they are related or not in order to allow the marriage to take place.

IDevice Icon Assessment
Assess learners on their understanding of the merits and demerits of the different forms of marriage.