Misuse and abuse of sex

Sex abuse is when sex is diverted to unnatural ways for example originally sex is supposed to be between male and female of some species but if it is between male and male or male and a beast it is sex abuse.

In the same way sex is originally between married couples but any sex outside marriage is sex misuse. The following are ways in which sex is misused:

Homosexuality / sodomy                                                                          

This was named after the city of Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed by God for perverted sex between male and male. It is condemned as a serious sin (see Gen 19: 1f, 1 cor 6:1 0, 2Pet 2:6f).


This is where a female seeks sexual gratification from fellow females (1 cor 6:10).


This means having sex with very young children who were innocent e.g. 1 month like Muwanga who had sex with a child of 3 months.


This is when one has sex with the underage; according to Ugandan law below 18 years of age whether with consent or not. There are many cases reported in the press or men assisted and taken to courts of law.


This is where one keeps looking at sex organs of the opposite sex; some do it by looking at pictures, blue movies etc.


This is where one plays sex with dead bodies especially in a mortuary of like among the Luo to bid farewell to a deceased partners.


This is when people have sex with beasts / animals; the penalty for this sin is death (Ex 22: 19, Lev 18:23, 20:15-16).

There are many cases today that appear in the press e.g. a man who had had sex with a dog for 8 months (New vision) girls who have died in Jinja, Masaka having sex with a dog.

Frotteorism / rubbing;

This is a where a man rubs an erect penis in a crowd situation e.g. in a bus, market; while living up he squeezes himself on a woman for sexual gratification. Frotteorism occurs in such buses as you see in the photo below. Even during circumcission season among the bagishu as well as the akadodi dance.  

Some prefer to look at pornographic practices, films, literature to arouse or satisfy sexual desire.

Handling female or male garments e.g. knickers, pants or putting on garments of the opposite sex to arouse sexual satisfaction.

Masturbation; a manipulation of sexual organs in order to derive self satisfaction e.g. side packing penis in a pocket and continues to rub it.

Adultery; extra marital sex.

Rape; set play by force of an adult person e.g. robbers who attacked Mrs. Ngugi Wathiongo.

Gigolism where a male uses his sexual organ for economic purposes.

Prostitution: where a woman uses her sexual organ for economic gains.

Trail marriage; where two individuals stay together for a period of time in order to confirm a marriage or not; this is sinful.

Sugar dad / mammy; where an elderly engages in sex with a young person for material gains and this is common between students and rich men/ woman which usually sabotages their learning process.


Concubinage; when a man and woman stay together without serious intention of marriage officially. They can even have children but without introducing each other to society that they are married.

Fornication; sex before marriage.

Sex with a woman during menstruation; it is condemned in the bible (Leviticus).

Ritual/ceremonial sex; among some tribes certain rituals are celebrated by sexual intercourse e.g. twin (Basoga), after circumcision (Bagishu), breaking hymen of girls who are virgins (Samias) and breaking virginity by father when going for marriage (Embu and Akamba).

Oral sex; where people use the mouth instead of the female organ. Among the whites kisses are common where each kisses the organs of the partner.