Challenges modern families are facing today.

The money economy has led to the struggle for survival making a large family at a disadvantage.

The women liberation movement and emphasis of equality has led to more divorce.                                                                                                                      

The legalization of prostitution such as in South Africa leads to divorce or break ups of family structures.

There is a lot of individualism today; each family is living on its own especially in urban areas.

The traditional ideas of co- responsibility is dying out parents feel they can bring up children without referring to relatives.

Formal education and western influence have adversely affected families today.                                                                                                                        

Traditional training through informal education is no longer given to the children.                                                                                                                                             

Today cultural ties and values are disappearing in many families; some people cannot properly trace their ancestral lineage as it is seen as bothering and adding more responsibility.                                                                           

In some families the element of unity and solidarity no longer exists. Families have gone to court because of disputes and wrangles.

The money economy where one can sell and buy land makes people estranged from one another.                                                                                                          

Single parenthood is on the increase and is taken as normal.

Society is becoming increasingly permissive and the family as a basic unit of society is directly affected.

Parents no longer have time for their children; this has led to steady decline in morals.                             

The AIDS scourge has adversely affected the families today; it has claimed lives (millions) worldwide.

Dangerous ideas from the west have affected family life e.g. they look at marriage as a burden, optional and if possible can be avoided.

Pornography has led to increased immorality especially among the youth. The liberalisation of the condom; even children are found keeping condoms.

Rural urban migration, men have abandoned their families i.e. from the rural areas to look for jobs in towns.

Unemployment has led families to starve because the bread earner has been retrenched, or sent on forced leave.

Poor housing and sanitation facilities have led to the out break of diseases which have affected families e.g. cholera.