The biblical teaching of sex deviation

The Bible condemns these deviations. We are created male and female and this gives no room for deviation (Rom 1, Gen 1 :26). Sex is only accepted in marriage life (1 cor 7).

Sodom and Gomorrah were punished for rape and homosexuality (Gen. 19)

A child out of wedlock could not be heir e.g. Ishmael (Gen 12: 17).

Though Solomon was righteous because of too many women (700 wives. 300 concubines totalling 1000) he fell.

The incident of Amnon and Tarmar (incest) led to greater sin from rape to murder.

Rape was also punished by stoning.

Both prostitution and adultery are condemned in the bible.

In the same way bestiality made one to be stoned to death and the animal to be burnt.

Though Jesus forgave the adulterous woman she was told not to sin anymore.

In the beatitudes; some of these are sex deviations and no immoral to enter kingdom of God (Gal. 5:19).

Paul advises to excommunicate the man who committed incest (1 Cor 2).

Rom 1 :26-29 condemns homosexuality.