Sub-Topic 2: Sex in the Modern Society

IDevice Icon Specific Objectives

The learner should be able to:

  • explain the meaning of sex.
  • examine ways in which sex education is imparted in the modern society.
  • discuss the forms of sexual deviations in modern society today.
  • examine the value of sex education in the modern society.
  • mention the effects of sex deviations.
  • discover the solutions to sex deviations.
  • evaluate the laws regarding sex in the Bible.

The sub- topic explains various aspects about sex and sexuality in the modern society. It explores the sex deviations and the modern society, and possible solutions to the same.


  • Assign learners to research about causes of sex deviations.
  • Encourage learners to research through newspapers/media about reported cases of sex deviations.
  • Guide learners in an open discussion basing on their findings about causes of sex deviations today.
  • All the points raised should be shared by all learners and the truth should be established.
  • Summarise the important points raised by learners.
  • Guide learners to come up with solutions to sex deviations
  • Help learners identify cases of sex deviations in the Bible. After reading them the learners should hold a guided discussion.
  • With your guidance, help learners read the Biblical texts on sex deviations as they summarise the important points.


    • Learners should be guided to answer the following questions:
    • - Examine the causes and effects of cross-generational sex.
    • From a Christian point of view suggest ways in which this problem can be solved.