Be exemplary in the community, which they live. This can influence the behaviour of other people to live in the same way.

Christians can organize fellowship. This would bring different people together as they share the word of God.

Encourage the spirit of sharing among the people. By sharing their belonging, those have and those without or with less are brought nearer to each other thereby fighting social evils like selfishness and greediness, which tend to be divisive.

Treating all people equally and associating with everyone irrespective of the social, economic and political background.

Christians need to accept that they are seekers of God. This can help to attract even the people who think they are sinful. This may help to lead them to into repentance.

Christians need to campaign for the observation of human rights. This can help people to recognize and honor the value of one another.

Being non-partisan in politics. They should treat and take all political parties as being important and equal to each other in the governance of the country.

By giving support to the needy group of people like orphans, poor and disabled. This may help to bridge the gap between the poor and the rich.

By acting as agents of forgiveness and reconciliation in the event of conflict. They should convince such parties to sort out their differences in a peaceful way.

Christians should pay attention to state duties and functions instead of keeping a distance. This may be through paying tax, celebrating important days such as Independence Day, hero's day and women's day. This can make people to rally behind the government in place.

Christians can create unity by participating in decision-making process regarding the governance of the society. This puts the Christians in a better position to friendly policies that in effect can bring the people together.

Christians can also create unity by preaching the good news of love to everyone. Love is important because it can create a situation where people are able to live as brothers and sisters.

Organizing public meetings and discussions can help in creating unity among people because it becomes an avenue of coming together and sharing their ideas

Giving full support to ecumenical movements can   act as a tool for Christians to forge unity among people. Ecumenism is a movement that aims at bringing unity between the various divisions of the Christian religion. This is very important since some religious denomination preach against each other.

Christians can bring unity among people by empowering the youth and the underprivileged. This can help raise the status of such people to a meaningful level.

How Christians Can Participate in Politics

Through voting for their desired candidates. This may include presidential, members of parliament and local Councils candidates

Campaigning to be voted for as representative’s people in the different political posts like president members of parliament.

Sensitize the public about their rights and the political affairs or development in the Country. This helps to create awareness among the people especially when it comes to elections thereby helping them to make the best and informed decisions for their country.

Participate in public political debate or talk shows. During such debates, topical issues like term limits which are important in the governance of the country' are discussed. Such talk shows include on the Spot screened on NTV and Capital Gang in 91.3 Capital Radio among others.

Respecting and observing National days like the Independence and Heroes days. By doing this so, the Christians identify themselves with important events that marked the development of the country.

Holding peaceful demonstrations in cases where they feel dissatisfied with what taking place is or where ever and whenever they feel their rights have been violated. This can act as a wakeup call for the political leaders to serve people better. For example the "Walk to Work Protest" that characterized the year 2011 by the opposition leaders including Dr. Besigye of Forum for Democratic Change and Mao Nobert of Democratic Party because of high fuel and food prices.

Attending public rallies especially where matters of public interest including governance.

Express their views on matters relating to the governance of the country. This can through writing articles in nationally recognized magazines like The Independent under stewardship of Andrew Mwenda and newspapers including The New Vision and The Daily Monitor. Such writings may help to bring to the attention      the government of what public think

Oppose the dictatorship of the government peacefully especially when the policies limit the freedom of the people.

Attend national conferences, workshop or seminars organized by the government. This enables the Christians to express their views in matters relating to the affairs of the country.

Giving advices to the political leaders like the members of parliament, local councils. This can help such political leaders to serve to serve the people better.

Attend court sessions especially where the cases are about the political development in the country. This can help to ensure that there is fairness in judging cases.

Pay taxes effectively and regularly as   be required by the government. This is important in aiding government programmes like the provision of medical and educational services and constructing roads among others.

Promoting government policies like family planning and Universal Primary and Secondary Education.

Reasons for Christian Participation in Politics

Christians should participate in politics in order to subdue the world. God in the beginning commanded man to bring the world under his control. (Genesis 1:28). Therefore, participation in politics by the Christians is one way of bringing the world under control.

It helps the Christian to promote the spirit   brotherhood. This can bring about unity diversity.

It enables the Christians to encourage the political leaders to fulfill their promises. This makes it possible for the ordinary citizens to enjoy the fruits of elections.

Participation in politics by Christians can help to bring sinners back to God. This is possible if the Christians can encourage and promote values like love, humility and forgiveness. Jesus demonstrated this by associating closely with the out caste like the prostitute woman and the tax collector.

It can help to minimize election mal-practices like rigging. This can ensure that the most capable and acceptable leaders are elected.

Christians should participate in politics in order to show good example to other leaders. Such a Christian becomes a pace setter or a role model the rest of the political leaders to follow in order to serve the people better.

It ensures that there is a fair play in the government especially during important times like the drafting of the constitution or while debating bills (proposed laws). The Christians can guide the discussion basing on values like fairness tolerance and love.

It encourages the spirit of togetherness in the community. The fruit of this may be peace harmony among the community members.

It can help a Christian to implement and establish justice in matters relating to the country. This can instead make everyone to enjoy the fruits of good politics include better roads and improved medical facilities.

Christians should participate in politics to help ensure peaceful change of government. This may be possible the Christians can sensitize the public that authority is God-given values of sharing and humility among others.

Participating in politics gives the Christians the opportunity to render support to their own people especially those disadvantaged like the poor and the orphans. This is important in improving their standard of living.

Christian's participation in politics can help to reconcile conflict among people. In such a case, the Christians become bridge builders in bringing people having misunderstanding together.

Participating in politics by Christians can help in extending the kingdom of God. Before going back to heaven, Jesus instructed his apostles to make everybody a believer before his second coming

Participation in politics by Christians can create unity in diversity. This becomes important in the pluralistic society where misunderstanding is always caused by differences in political, religious and social beliefs. Therefore, it is a duty for the Christians to help the people understand that they all one and are the children of God.

It is a duty for a Christian to obey civil authority for authority is God-given. In his teaching, Jesus said "Give to Ceaser what belongs to Ceaser and to God what belongs to God". By saying so, Jesus encouraging His disciples to pay the tax required. He is quoted as saying (Mathew 22: 15 - 22).

Participating in politics by the Christians is an act of showing obedience to the state. St. Peter advised the believers to submit to human authority for the sake of the lord (l Peter 2: 13).

 It provides Christians with the opportunity to offer guide and counsel to the political leaders and the members they serve.

Reasons against Christian Participation in Politics

Politics tends to divide population basing on the political parties. This is against the oneness in Jesus Christ and the God they serve.

It can easily make Christians to become liars. This is especially as they look for votes. This means that the incapable leaders may be the chosen.

Politics can make a Christian put him or herself above the others. This contradicts teaching on authority where the greatest in the heavenly kingdom is one who is a servant (Mathew 20:26).

Participating in politics can easily make Christians forget God's duties. This is because the too much engagements including carrying out rallies and debates.

Politics creates enmity the people. This is because it leaves people in two or more rival blocks basing on the political parties.

Politics make the Christians materialistic. This may become a blockage to the commitment. Christians are meant to towards their faith as they may be pre-occupied with the struggle for such material things.

Politics makes a Christian chaotic. By becoming chaotic, they fail to copy the life Jesus characterized by humility, tolerance and love.

Politics is a cheap way of seeking popularity by the Christians. This may be as a result of being known for doing things of the world.

In politics, Christians are liable to search tor prestige instead of God. They should copy the example of Jesus who lived a quiet and simple live.

Christians can easily become enemies because of different political ideas and as they fight for votes. This is a threat to the lives of Christians.

It is possible that the Christians can easily be over taken by the political issues the spiritual lives of the people.

Christians are encouraged to work for the heavenly instead of concentrating earthly pleasures.

Politics takes a lot of time for the earthly matters. This means that Christians with little time for serving God.

Politics is associated with dictatorships. This sets a bad example and portrays a bad image of the Christians

 In many cases politicians violate    rights and freedom of the people they serve. However, Christians are required to live tor with others peacefully.

Most politicians are rulers and they want to be served. However, Christians are expected to follow Jesus' example who served the people instead of being served.

How Christians can spread the good news today

Christians can spread the gospel by preaching. This can either be in the church or any other organized place for worshipping.

Christians can use charitable work in    the gospel. Through extending services to the needy, they can convey the message of love and care to the already disadvantaged.

The gospel is being spread through living exemplary life. This becomes important in influencing the lives of non-believers.

Christian seminars or workshops are often organized with the aim of enlightening the community about their faith. This keeps the Christians firm.

Christians are using electronic media such as radio and television. Programmes in such media are Christian in nature including the songs and the preaching.

Christians can provide social services to the general public as one way of spreading the gospel. They can use this opportunity to teach the beneficiaries of the schools and hospital gospel message.

 Some Christians make pilgrimage in the spread of the gospel. Visitation to holy places such as the Namugongo shrine is used to remember the historical events and     even encourage the living with faith to behave in the same way.

The gospel message is being passed through composing and singing songs. Some of these songs contain the biblical texts that are already summarized. They are also used during and worship.

The gospel message is being passed through acting drama. In the process of being entertained, the spectators are also made aware of the gospel truth.

The Christians have always and are still translating the scriptures into various languages spreading the gospel. This helps the masses to read and understand the content of scriptures.

Christians also distribute the bibles to people such that they can have access and read messages.

Some Christians go out for missionary journey in an effort to spread the gospel. They travel to distant places where they keep on conveying the gospel messages.

Christians write and publish different literatures as a way of spreading the good news. The gospel truth story is always conveyed in the form of story already written down.

Christians spread the good news by organizing praise and worship. In such a way, the gospel messages are passed on to the people participating.

 Some Christians use personal testimonies to influence others.  They share the Christian experiences mostly in the church.

Problems Christians Face In Spreading the Gospel

Language barrier is almost the biggest problem in the spread of the gospel. In this, it becomes difficult for the gospel truth to be passed across to other people because inability to communicate.

Christians also face oppositions from different groups of people. This may either be non- believers or believers having different doctrine.

Inadequate or limited funds delay the smooth spread of the gospel. This slows down activities such as missionary journey and writing Christian literature.

Lack of commitment on the side of believers themselves is a problem the spread of gospel. Such people lack seriousness and may not follow the church summons.

5    Christians are faced with the problem of competition among the different denominations. Some even preach against the others with a lot of criticism. This tends to confuse the followers who may eventually fall out

Rigid and conservative cultures held by some Africans blocks the spread of the gospel. Such people even look at Christianity as foreign in nature and arc, therefore, not ready to follow its teachings.

Political instability or insecurity has been and is still a problem in the spread of the gospel. In such places, people cannot freely    go to spread the gospel. Some are even killed in the process of moving up and down.

Christians face the problem of temptations in spreading the good news. They are always taken up by the pleasures of the world at the expense of the gospel truth.

There is also the problem of over expectation from the general public. In such cases, society expects the believers to be perfect in each and everything. A small mistake becomes a way of undermining such believers.

The spread of the gospel is also hampered by transport hazards including accidents impenetrable roads. This tends to limit the movement of Christians.

Some Christians are always mocked, abused, provoked or insulted by the general public because of their faith. In some places, Christian believers are even isolated. This may prevent the spread or the gospel because of the hostile attitude of the-would be audience.

Some Christians are disturbed by inferiority complex or fear in the spread of the gospel. This makes them unable to carry out their duties effectively.

Some Christians suffer from isolation because of the faith. The strict life they live is seen difficult to copy and at times regarded to be boring.

Christian Involvement in African Traditional Society

Christian involvement in African traditional society deals with the integration of African cultures into Christianity. When Christianity had just been introduced, both the Africans and the missionaries came to realize that certain customs and practices combined the two seemingly contrasting beliefs. Every effort possible was, therefore, made to get the best out of each including the following.

 The church accepted the extended family system in traditional Africa. This was in line with the teaching Christ where the family must be outward looking to a wider human community.

The traditional Africans just as the church had a common belief of God being the creator and the supreme. This was the most important belief that brought the traditional Africans and the church as one.

Both the traditional Africans believed in the existence of evil spirits. These spirits are believed to be the obstacles to man's faith in God and a source of instability. Above all, they believed in the casting out of these evil spirits by performing rituals and prayer.

Just as the traditional Africans, the church especially the Roman Catholic recognized the use of intermediaries in accessing God. The Africans believed in divinities (lesser gods) to them with the supreme God and the Catholic believes in saints.

The traditional Africans had always encouraged communal living to promote the spirit of togetherness. This was and is not different from the Christian idea of sharing in common.

Christianity had to recognize An-jean names relating to the existence of God. Such names are seen to glorify God's name because of having religious meaning attached.

The church adopted the African practical way of offering sacrifices with the intention of living a holy life. They, however, had to change some of the aspect or the way it was being conducted like human sacrifice.

The church involved Africans into Christianity by translating the bible, prayer books and hymn books into the native languages. This made Christianity to penetrate deeply among the Africans.

The church also adopted African songs having religious messages. They also translated hymns into African languages so as to ease praise and worship.

Both the traditional Africans and the church       the idea of blood bond. To the Africans, blood relationship was not to be broken. This was the same with the doctrine of Christ shading his blood to cement the relationship between man and God, man and man.

The church also encouraged the making of beautiful art pieces such as paintings sculptures. Several art pieces were later used to beautify the church buildings.

The traditional Africans easily understood the Christian rituals and ceremonies including baptism, confirmation and others. This was not different from the African cultural practices of child naming and circumcision.

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