The Jews rejected Jesus Christ as Messiah. They referred to him as the son of Joseph the carpenter and therefore remained opposed to his teaching. This was because Jesus came as a spiritual messiah at the time when the Jews expected a political messiah to set them free from the rule of the Roman (Matthew 14: 13)

The Jews turned the temple of God into a market instead of using it as it place as Jesus referred to it This was the reason Jesus overturned their tables and

The Jews got involved in marital unfaithfulness. This was presented in the story of a woman caught in adultery whom Jesus forgave offence (John 8: 1 ff). Jews put a lot of emphasis on practices like fasting that it almost enslaved the people. When Jesus tried to correct their wrong attitude, the Pharisees as a law breaker (Mark 18:22).

Jews particularly Pharisees were very strict on the observation of the Sabbath. It had become such a burden to the Jews. It was this reason that Jesus had to tell them that the Sabbath was meant for man but not the Sabbath. He meant that man had to enjoy freedom on such a day instead of being enslaved (Mark ff).

Some Jews rejected the teaching of Jesus Christ. They stubbornly remained opposed to gospel truth as Jesus preached. Explained this in the parable of the sower (Mark 4: 1-77).

Religious leaders particularly the Pharisees were very proud who they were. They took themselves to more religious than anybody

There was persecution of the believers among the Jews. St. Paul before his conversion was one of those who persecuted whoever believed in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Jews had the thinking that Jesus was only for them. This made them to think that salvation was only for , they tailed to       that Jesus had come as a universal saviour. According to the gospel of John, it was for the love that for mankind that he sent his only begotten son to die in order for everyone to salvation ( John 1.1 ff).

There was religious hypocrisy particularly by the Pharisees. As much as they were the custodian of the law, behaved contrary to the expectations.

There was discrimination among the believers, This was practiced even in the places worship in respect of one's possession. The poor particular were ignored and the favoured, The Jews also discriminated against the Gentiles or the non-Jews

The Jews had the heart of revenge, They continued to serve God with their unforgiving hearts, Jesus illustrated this in the parable of the unforgiving servant; Accordingly, servant beat up his fellow servant who owed him yet his master had just .pardoned same, (Mathew 11:2  -77)

God was evaded through selfishness. This was demonstrated in the story of the rice fool who failed to share part of his harvest with the needy (Luke 2:21-77)

Guiding Question

1.   Why was Jesus against the official religion of His time?

2.   Why did Jesus condemn the religious leafier of His time?

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