Man in the very beginning had always searched for God. God on the other hand is seen revealing himself in various ways. He promised to send a messiah to come and establish a new kingdom for the salvation of mankind, This was later to be fulfilled by the coming of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ then identified himself as the truth, the way and the life. (John 14:6) The church Jesus left behind continued with God in the following ways,

1.        The Christians preached the gospel. Their preaching was about the messiah (Acts 8:4-8)

2.        The Christians gave testimonies as they proclaimed the message of the lord. These testimonies helped to make the people believe more in the gospel truth (Acts 8:25).

3.        The disciples converted people into believers thus the church was strengthened and it grew in number as they carried out water baptism (Acts 9:31),

4.        They wrote epistles to various communities such as Corinth and Galatia and Saint Paul wrote to the Corinthians on several occasions on puzzling questions including marriage food offered to idols among others.

5.        The Christians carried out charitable work. They distributed relief-and donations to needy in the form of food. (Acts 6: 1 - 4). example Peter and John healed a lame man (Acts They continued to perform miracles 3.1-10)

6.        The Christians engaged in prayers. This became one way through" 'which they could communicate with God

7.        The believers shared their belongings" The rich in particular sold their property and shared the money with everyone (Acts 4:32,)7).

8.        They encouraged reconciliation among the believers. For example, they helped to reconcile the native Jews and the Greek speaking Jews over the disagreement concerning finances (Acts 6:1-6),

9.        There was fellowship among the believers. They continued coming together and sharing the word of God (Acts 244-47).

10.  The Christians founded churches    communities. Saint Paul took the leading role in establishing the church in the communities in which he travelled like in Rome on his several

11.  The believers were involved in as they copied the example of Jesus Christ. Such times" they dedicated themselves to the service of God (Acts 13: 1-3).

12.  The early Christians were occupied with laying hands on the people as Jesus had done before.

13.  They also trained others to help them with the work of preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. For example, Saint Paul trained Timothy and Titus.

14.  The Christians shared Holy Communion with the people. This was done in memory of the Lord's last supper and the blood shed through crucifixion.

Examples of God's Seekers in Church History

The preaching of Christianity in the early centuries made many people to-seriously begin seeking for the truth about God and what it meant to live a righteous life. However, this was later to cause confusion between the old and the newly acquired belief. Such personalities included.

Clement of Alexandria

He was born in the Greek city of Athens around AD 150

His parents were pagans. Therefore, this meant that he was brought up in the family without commitment to the Christian faith.

He was a scholar who studied philosophy in the University of Athens.

However, Clement later got converted to Christianity and this was the beginning of his long search for the truth about God.

He travelled to different places including Italy, Syria and Egypt where he finally settled in Alexandria.  This was in his search for the true knowledge about God.

He found a great teacher named Panteanus in Alexandria Panteanus was heading a school.

He later succeeded Panteanus as the head of the school and became one of the greatest Christian teachers.

Clement was concerned with moral training as being very important in the church.

Clement helped to guide his students about errors of philosophers (great thinkers) especially their views about religious issues.

He wrote many Christian books which became worldly used among his follower. Notably, he wrote a book about idolatry giving warning to the followers about the worshiping of idols.      

He criticized those who were against the principles of Christianity. He was concerned about their weak morals.

He was the first person to develop the teaching and the idea about the trinity. He presented as one God as being one but in three persons.


Augustine was born in AD 354 to a Christian mother in North Africa in a place called Namudia.

His mother was a Christian but he grew up without much commitment to the Christian faith.

Augustine used to compare the scripture with the pagan literature he had read but he unfortunately did not know how to interpret.        

·      Augustine traveled to Milan in Italy where he worked for many years.

·      While working in Millan, Augustine met Bishop Ambrose who was famous for his preaching.

·      The preaching of Bishop Ambrose later inspired Augustine so much that he finally came to understand the scripture.

·      However Augustine kept returning to his old pagan way of life. He trusted in the Egyptian wisdom more than God's wisdom due to human weaknesses.

·      Augustine wrote much Christian literature that helped to inspire many: of his followers .This included the "The confession" and "The city of God" among others.

·      During his preaching, Augustine was always impatient with those who could not see the truth about Christ the way he had seen it.

·      Augustine was credited for correcting some of the false teachings that developed among Christians. For example, he corrected the Christians on the understanding of destination doctrine.

·      Augustine taught his people and showed them how he had discovered the truth about God

Man's quest for god in the Old Testament

By God creating human beings both male and female in his image, he initiated a relationship with mankind. He expected them to respond to him accordingly.

In an attempt to relate with God, man sought for something or someone beyond himself. Many events in the Old Testament are revelations of how man sought the knowledge of God.

The story of the fall of man, the first human beings (Adam and Eve) desired to be nearer to God. The woman in her interaction with the serpent was made to believe that they would be wise like God. Consequently, she was forced to eat the forbidden fruit   order to like God (Genesis 3:1ff).

The incidence where Cain killed his own brother Abel was an effort of man to relate with and understand God. The two brothers had recognized the presence and the existence of God through offering sacrifices. However, it was from here that Cain met his death because of the selfishness and jealousy of his brother (Genesis 4: Iff),

The builders of the tower of Babel thought that they could reach God in heaven through their building programme (Genesis 11: 1 ff).

The response of Abraham during his call reflected man's quest for God. He responded with faith, obedience and trust to a God he had never known before that he had to abandon his old ways of life (Genesis 12: 1 ff).     

The experience of Moses during the bush event was an act of man seeking the knowledge of God. Moses removed his sandals as commanded and covered his face in fear of the lord. His later acceptance to go and liberate the Israelites from their Egyptian bondage was a testimony of his belief in God. (Exodus 3:1 ff).

The Israelites entered in a covenant with God at the foot of Mount Sinai. During this occasion, they promised to obey and worship God alone (Exodus 19:1 ff).

Still at foot of Mount Sinai the people of Israel made and worshipped a golden calf in their search for God. When Moses delayed up on the mountain, they saw the need of creating a god for themselves (Exodus 32: 1 ff).

The Israelites renewed their earlier covenant with God as they settled down in the Promised Land. At Shechem, they promised to serve the lord alone and obey all his laws (Joshua 24: 1ff)

The Israelites praised and worshipped God, For example King David led the Israelites in praising God through singing and dancing as they transferred the covenant box back to Jerusalem (2 Samuel 6: 1 ff).

The Israelites built and dedicated a temple to God. This became a place where the covenant box was kept and it played the roles to promoting Israel's religion.

The people of Israel destroyed their idols and confessed the lord as their only God. This was during the Mount Carmel contest in which Elijah defeated the prophets of Baal (1 Kings 18: 1 ff).

The people of Israel repented as they related with God. For example King David repented after committing the double shins of adultery and murder (2 Samuel 12: 13).

The Israelites respected and listened to the servants of God particularly his priests and prophets. For example King David humbled himself before Prophet Nathan upon being told that he had committed the sins of adultery and murder.

The Israelites also destroyed pagan alters in their land. For example, King Josiah destroyed the pagan alters that had been erected by King Manasseh.

The Israelites referred to God as the sovereign lord as they responded to him. Prophet Jeremiah during his call knew the task being given. In a remarkable dialogue, he accepted to serve as God's prophet to the Israelites (Jeremiah 1:1-10).

Through his prophets, God declared universal salvation for the nations of the world. Isaiah declared a time when all the people of the world would go to the lord (Isaiah 49: 12-13).

How God Revealed Himself to Man in the Old Testament

1.          God appeared to man through voice. For example, during the call of Abraham, Moses and Samuel (Genesis 12: 1 ff Exodus 3:4 ff, 1 Samuel 10 ff respectively).

2.          Through dreams and visions, people experienced God's presence. For example, Abraham saw God in a form of a dream (Genesis 15: 12).

3.          God revealed himself in the form of a ram. This happened at the time He tested Abraham's faith by asking for the sacrifice of his only son Isaac. (Genesis 22: 13).

4.          God revealed himself to man in the form of dreams and visions. Abraham and Samuel experienced this. (Genesis 15: 1 ff and I Samuel 13: 1 ff respectively).  

5.          God appeared in the form of fire. Moses saw a burning bush. There was also fire as Israelites were receiving the Ten Commandments. (Exodus 3: and 19: 1 ff).

6.          God showed his presence through thunder. This happened at the foot of Mt. Sinai as He was meeting the Israelites. (Exodus 19: 16).

7.          God revealed Himself to man through wind. For example. He took prophet Elijah up to heaven through a whirlwind. (2 Kings 2: 12),

8.          The Israelites felt God's presence through the smoke. For example, Mount covenant) there appeared a thick smoke that covered the whole mountain.

9.          God appeared in the form of a cloud. The cloud directed the Israelites to the Promised Land and which re-appeared at the foot of Mount Sinai (Exodus 19: 16).

10.   10. God appeared to man in form of sound. This was during the receiving the Decalogue, which caused the Israelites to tremble with fear. (Exodus 19: 19).

11.   God revealed himself to man through a rainbow. Ezekiel saw       coming to him of a rainbow (Ezekiel 1: 28)

12.   God revealed himself to man through miracles. He made a path across    Red      to enable the Israelites cross as the Egyptians were them. Moses' stick also turned into a snake. (Exodus 14: 1 ff).

13.   God appeared to also through provision. He gave the Israelites food, water, quails and even Kings (Exodus 16: 1 ff and 17: 1 ff).     

14.   God appeared to man through calamities. For example, the plagues and flood. (Exodus 11, Genesis 7:1 ff).

15.   God revealed himself through personality including the prophets such as Isaiah, Amos and Samuel. Abraham also saw God coming to him in the form of three men {Genesis 18:1-2).

16.   The Israelites felt God's presence through his laws-the Ten Commandments kept in the covenant box (Exodus 20: 1 ff).

17.    God revealed Himself to man in the form of rain. He sent the Hood that lasted for forty days (Genesis 7:1 ff)

18.   God revealed himself through wind. For example, Prophet Elijah was taken to heaven by a whirl wind in the presence of Elisha who later replaced him as a prophet (2 Kings 2:1 ff).

 The Nature, Attributes and Character of God

1.          God is one in three persons (trinity). During the creation of the human beings, he is quoted as having said “And now we will make the human beings; they will be like us and resemble us” (Genesis 1 :26).

2.          God is a, worker. He took the soil and formed man during his creational activities (Genesis 2:7).

3.          God is holy by nature. Among others, he told Moses to remove his sandals because he was standing on a holy ground.

4.          God is invisible. The people who experienced his presence could only hear his voice like during the calls of Abraham and Moses.

5.          God loves. He showed his love to the people of Israel by setting them free from slavery in Egypt.

6.          God is omnipotent (powerful) He defeated the Egyptian gods during the Passover feast and he also defeated the 450 Baal prophets through Prophet Elijah during the Mount Carmel contest.

7.          God is one. The Israelites were called upon to worship and serve only Yahweh.

8.          God is the provider. He provided the people of Israel with food in the form of quails and manna on their way to the Promised Land.

9.          God is omnipresent. He is everywhere. He was with Moses during his call while in the Midian land, during the Passover and when he was receiving the Ten Commandments.

10.     God is the source of blessings. He blessed Job with more wealth after a long life of suffering. He blessed the family of Obed Edom during the three months he kept the covenant box.

11.     God is transcendent. He is beyond the understanding of human beings. Job and his friends failed to understand God's ways of doing things especially as Job continued to suffer despite his righteousness.

12.     God is universal He showed his authority by pronouncing judgement and punishment on Israel's neighbours like Philistia, Edom and Tyre.

13.     God is the Almighty. Prophet Ezekiel seated saw a human-like figure seated on his throne during his call.

14.     Christ called upon the masses not to look outside their own life as they look for God. He points out that God is with people in their daily lives. What is important is simply showing love for Him.

15.     The knowledge of the mystery of Christ is a source of confidence tor man      quest to come closer to God and the trials that may come every day (Ephesians 3: 12-13).

16.     The coming of Christ to earth was a revelation of God's goodness and kindness. God is revealed in the humanity of Christ as a loving Father. (Titus 3:4).

17.     According to Saint Paul man gained the power to respond to God through the death and resurrection of Christ.

18.     The body of man is the temple of God. Man should, therefore, keep his body free from evil practices as he comes closer to God. (1 Corinthian. 3"16,6:9, Revelation 3:20).

19.     Jesus emphasized the need for man to love each other. He points out that this is the only way of bringing harmony here on earth and in heaven. (Luke 6:27-28, 32-36).

Man's Evasion for God

·      The word evasion may be used to mean the following:

·      Trying to do with something internationally

·      Dodging

·      Turning away

·      Trying to forget

·      Running away

·      To ignore

Therefore, the "Man’s Evasion of God" can be interpreted to mean the following.

Inability of man to consider God and respond to his requirement 'their daily or behaviour.

The conduct of man which reflects dodging, or doing without God in their lives sinful acts of man which are contrary to God's expectations.

 Behaving contrary to the principles required to live a Godly life.


The following are the ways through which man today tends to evade God. .

Through practicing sexual immorality like homosexuality, bestiality and prostitution. These are sexual deviations which are against the divine intention of God sex. Accordingly, sex is for pro-creation, mutual love and companionship. Besides, the body of every believer is the temple of God. Therefore, such acts defile God's temple

Man is getting involved in murder or killing each other. However, God blessed human beings to multiply and fill the world. This meant that God had empowered to continue bringing and preserving hut not destroy.

Some people worship many gods. This is against the monotheistic faith of and therefore against the oneness of God.

Man evades God by practicing witchcraft, magic and sorcery. This tends to cause onto others resulting into death and disharmony among others. Besides, believing powers reflect distrust in God's powers and man's desire to act independent of him.

Some people are selfish and therefore they tend to ignore the needs of those who are unable to fend for themselves. However, Jesus encouraged every believer to share with others   said that the little done here on earth on to others is rewarded in the heavenly kingdom this by encouraging the rich fool to sell all his wealth and give the proceeds to the poor in order to attain the heavenly treasures.

Some people are involved in theft. By stealing one another's property, one breaks the commandment of God which forbids such an act. Therefore, stealing is act disobedience before God.

Some people swear falsely in the name of God. They take an oath promising to fulfill their duties which unfortunately they fail do so. This shows disrespect to the name of God.

Some people evade God through discriminating each other. They basing on sex, tribe, religion and colour among others. This is sinful because all human beings are equal before God,

Some people live a prayer less life. They tend to put barriers to their communication with God and forget that He exists,

Some people are unrepentant and fail to put themselves right with others and with God. They continue to be sinful. They forget Jesus' teaching that only the righteous would inherit the kingdom of God,

Some people drink alcohol excessively. However, wine is a mocker and it defiles purity of one's body.

Some people believe and practice superstition. They are strongly carried by the belief that something bad is bound to happen by tagging particular events on to situations. This is lack of trust in God's power and protection.

People evade God through revenging and avenging on their enemies for their wrongs. However, Jesus encouraged every believer to forgive their enemies seventy seven times seven. Besides, He said that the merciful here on earth would experience the father's mercy in His heavenly kingdom.     

Some people evade God by exploiting the needy including the disabled and poor. This is under looking at God's creation.

Some people evade God by participating in gambling. This is sinful before God who created human beings to be workers.

God is evaded through hating one another. This hatred has always resulted into conflict thus creating disharmony and instability. This is disrespecting Jesus' desire for every believer to extend love to another.

Other individuals worship religious officials, places and objects other than God. These are obstacles to people's communication to God.

People are turning away from God by being materially minded. Because of the material wealth, such people are not bothered about God, This is because they believe that have everything a human being needs.

Others evade God by being too violent. Such people treat others harshly without mercy. This is against God's will for mankind where harmony is the life desired.

The cases of corruption, bribery and embezzlement are forms of evasion of God these are people who are self-centered and do not care about the needs of others.

Struggling for power is very common in the society today. The leaders in particular tend to fight each other as they crave for positions of authority. They forget that authority is God given.

People evade God through putting emphasis on one religious denominations and criticizing the other instead of believing in God, For example, it is difficult for a Christian who is a Protestant to go and pray in the Catholic Church and vice versa

Some people tend to blame God for whatever problems they encounter, They hold God responsible for their suffering other than looking at their own mistakes and putting themselves right with God through repentance.

Causes of Man's Evasion of God Today

Wealth makes some people to turn away    God. Such people think that they have everything they in life. For this reason, they cannot see the importance of believing and having God in their lives especially when they begin to think that they made their wealth on their own.

The suffering of some religious people just like pagans in the form of diseases and poverty among others turns some people away from God. People think that God is there to guard these people. Therefore, their suffering makes it appear that God is not there.

Frustration in life makes some people to evade God. In an event of continuous suffering with all avenues for improvement exploited, a person may be forced to think that God has abandoned him or her.

Conflicting, controversial and different teachings by different religious leaders can discourage some people from believing in God. This tends to confuse people

The delay in the proclaimed second coming of Christ tends to discourage some believing in God. Such person to become too impatient and get caught up with the thinking and the feeling that such a preaching is false and may never come.

Bad behaviour of some religious leaders like involving in defilement, rape corruption, stealing church funds, and many others. This discourages people from following and believing in the gospel truth.

To some people, believing in restricts them from of enjoying the pleasures of life like drinking alcohol and fornication among others, Therefore, they tend to ignore God their lives in order to enjoy such pleasures of the world,

The discrimination practiced by some church leaders leads to evasion of God, for example, some religious leaders tend to respect the rich more than the poor yet they teach that people are equal before God,

Economic hardships including poverty tend to make some people to ignore God, Because of desperate situations, God seems far from them, It is for this reason that such people tend to concentrate on the practical ways of solving the problems rather the spiritual

Poor preaching methods by some religious leaders make some people to be less interested in God. Some of the leaders over attack the believers during their sermons others

Some people evade God because of the influence education. To such people, the knowledge acquired may become a barrier to their belief in the existence of God which they cannot prove.

Some people tend to associate       with the corning of the White people to Africa. To such people, the       faith is foreign to them. This is why they refer to it as the "White man's religion" imposed on the black Africans.

Some people evade God because of their past sinful life. They feel that they have committed a number of crimes to point where they cannot be forgiven.

The absence or the rare occurrences of miracles    as opposed to what is preached the bible makes people to doubt God. Some       desperate situations childlessness and constant illnesses may get the feeling that God is ignoring them. This makes it difficult for such people to believe the truth, as they cannot see the miracles they expect.

Some people evade God because failing to obtain material benefits from the like education, money or any other tangible assistance. For such schemers, activities prayer, praise and worship may become time consuming without growth.

Existence of African traditional religion makes it difficult for people to truly believe Christianity, which is seen to be "foreign".

Some people are forced to ignore God the influence from their especially if such friends are non-believers. To themselves with the group,  have to behave exactly like the members.

Evasion of God is as a result    the Christian teaching failing to solve Problems of the people. Problems such as accidents, diseases, poverty unemployment have continued to exist despite commitment of the people in their faith. In this way, some people think      seems to care less about the about people.

Some people God they are such people think that should be answered immediately. In case of delay, they think that God is has forgotten

The influence of science and modern technology makes some people to turn away God. Among the science has enabled man to solve some of his immediate problems like diseases without reference to God. Above all, to such people, anything said to exist it must be proved. Unfortunately, they have failed to prove the existence of God through their discoveries.

Some people believe more in the practice of     and witchcraft which seems to solve problems. This can explain why some people still respect the demands the Traditional gods to the extent of offering children as in to obtain riches.

Some people are forced to God because of      influence from their peers especially if such friends are interested in religious activities. For them to fit and identity themselves with the group, they have to behave exactly like the members.

Revision Question:

How is Church contributing to man’s evasion in God today?

·      Ignoring the tangible needs of the believers especially of the poor

·      Over demanding material support from the believers in the form of donation

·       Discriminating the believers basing on sex, possessions and age

·      Open rivalry or conflict among religious leaders      


·      Corruption of some church leaders or being entangled in dirty deals

·      Making empty promises to the believers

·      Poor or boring methods of preaching the good news of salvation

·      The Partisan politics which tends to divide the believers

·      False prophesies or telling lies

·      Over demanding time for only religious activities amidst pressing needs

How the Church is Bringing Man Back to God

Through modernization of the ways of praising and worshiping God. This is by using modern musical instruments like guitars and pianos. This helps to attract more people particularly the youth to attend masses and church services since the occasions become more enjoyable.

Through providing education services to the people they serve. This is through religious founded schools like Saint Mary's College Kisubi and Our Lady Queen of Africa Rubaga Girl's Secondary School. In such schools religious activities prayers are compulsory. Besides, the church offers scholarship to committed children from the disadvantaged families.

By providing recreational centers like Nsambya Sharing Hall. Such places are used for entertainment purposes among others.

Establishing and running media centers like Light House Television, Radio Maria. This is attractive to people of all ages.

By organizing and encouraging Bible Studies This may be on the daily or weekly basis especially in the evening hours. It helps to bring the believers together and inspire then more.

By providing guidance and counseling services to the people. This has given a sense of direction to those who were spiritually lost because of problems in life.

The Church has always organized youth camps. This has allowed interaction with some highly profiled religious leaders Eke the bishops and dignified preachers. During such occasions, the youth vigorously participate in fellowship, prayer praise and worship.

The Church is building more structures to accommodate the increasing number of believers. Such buildings like Rubaga and Kansanga Miracle Centres are well decorated and furnished and attractive. The congregation to oe more comfortable thus makes them to enjoy sermons.

Church sponsors extra and co-curricular activities like football, netball and music dance and drama among others. In the Catholic Church, there is an annual competition for music, dance and drama between the schools within a diocese. This has always unity among such schools among other benefits.

Organizing and encouraging fellowship among believers. This helps in creating unity and making believers strong       firm in their faith.

The Church is involving more people particularly youth in its management and administration. Responsibilities like ushers, wardens and altar boys-are shared among people. This tends to make the people feel that they are part of the Church.

The Church gives support to organization including Young Christian     Scripture Union and Mothers' Union among others. Helps to bring together as they actively participate in affairs of the church.

The church provides employment opportunities in the public. Such employments are given to teachers and doctors among others. This helps to improve on the standard living and because of this they tend to pay their loyalty to the church.

There are also charity organizations like Watoto Children founded by the church to the disadvantaged like the poor and the orphans. Such organizations cater tor needs of the needy by providing food, shelter and education. This helps to attract more people to the church and makes them more committed as well.

Man's evasion of god in African traditional society

Much as the people in African traditional society     a deed rooted belief in the existence

Supreme God, there were times when they behaved contrary to their beliefs.

Some traditional Africans could turn to believe in divinities (lesser gods) tor assistance. They could consult such lesser gods in extreme cases like death, severe drought and famine through praying to them and offering sacrifice

Africans honoured and respected religious leaders as being holy and at times more important than God.

Some Africans used to wear protective charms on their body parts like around their and neck .This showed the people's lack to trust in protection.

The traditional Africans worshipped the ancestral    instead of God. They forgot the ancestors were simply mediators between man and God.

The Africans believed in wars as opposed to peaceful means of solving conflicts. They could organize for raids and this made people suffer.

5.   The traditional Africans practiced magic, sorcery and witchcraft This involved manipulating the minds of the people to make them believe something. This caused conflict and disharmony. Some even lost their lives. This meant that they trusted their other powers instead of trusting God's mighty to act in any given situation.

Some traditional Africans disrespected their own customs and the taboos of the society some of which carried religious meaning.

Africans held a deep belief superstition.  Among the Acholi people, meeting a cat especially the black one as one was on a mission like hunting, was a bad omen and it was possible for one to abandon the mission. This undermined God as being the controller of world events.

The Africans were involved sacrifices. This was done respecting demand the ancestral spirits. This was murder against their own belief God as the creator,

Some traditional blamed God for uncertainties like and famine. Such were misfortune believed to have sent upon the people by the spiritual world.

The culture of revenging and avenging was common among the Africans, This people to live under fear and it also promoted a rough life like fighting,

In some communities, the less fortunate like the women, strangers and disabled were discriminated and mistreated as if they were sub-human beings.

Some traditional Africans trusted their own wisdom other than God. They believed were capable doing anything on their without God's blessing or approval.

The traditional Africans evaded God through making blood pacts and later breaking it showed faith and trust this pact other than God's power.

Some traditional Africans worshipped physical features such as mountains, big trees, hills. Such places were respected for their "holiness". In Buganda, the "Nakayima now m the current district of Mubende was treated with such respect. Even rocks with unique curving were adored.

There used to be power struggle among African leaders. They could fight to extent of killing other. However, even people they struggled to rule were victimized by their fights.

Man's Evasion of God in Church H History

The Early Christians:

The body of believers who lived immediately after the ascension of Jesus Christ experienced problems in the administration and management of Church despite having key personalities the apostles like Saint Paul and Peter. These problems made the believers to God in the following ways:

The evasion of God had begun much earlier when Jesus Christ was still alive. Many people became confused with the teaching and the belief of God being three one person, others found it difficult to believe that Christ was truly God evasion of God.

There was division among the believers. The believers started following personalities like Paul, Peter, and Apollo while a section claimed that they followed only Jesus  

There were baptized in the name of Jesus Christ were therefore one was persecution of the believers. Saint Paul before his conversion was one those who moved up and down torturing everyone who believed   of Christ.

Idol worship existed among In the Christians used to make sacrifices to idols. This was against the monotheistic faith of the believers as Jesus Christ had emphasized.

Some believers rejected the apostles of Jesus Christ. Saint Paul was rejected by the Galatians who accused him of being a persecutor before his conversion.

Some of the early Christians were involved       mob justice. A case in was Stephen was stoned to death. This was murder which was the commandment of God. (Acts: 7:54)

There was discrimination among the believers particularly between the rich and the rice and poor. This was during the Lord's Supper and agape meals. However, this was a fellowship gathering meant to bring the believers together. (I Corinthians 5: 1-77).

Some of the early Christians were involved in sexual immorality. Among the there used to be incest and prostitution. This defiled the bodies of   (1 Corinthians: 5.1 ff and 6: 1 ff)

Some believers were dishonest. For example, Ananias and Sapphira hid some amount of money they had got from the sale of their property yet they were required to everything to the Church (Acts 5: 1- 77).

Some of tile believers held the attitude of "Leave it all to God". Because of this, some of them abandoned working and sold off their property    order for them to concentrate on prayer leaving everything for God to do everything for them.

Some of the believers became liars" For example, Ananias and Sapphira lied to Peter about the sale of their property.

The middle Ages

This was a period marked by a reformation (changes) in the Church. However, because the changes, many Christians found    evading      the following

The Christians were taken up by the songs of praises particularly the hymns composed by Bishop Ambrose. Every effort was directed towards singing well in the Church and this made them to forget about the Christian virtues"

Many Christians concentrated on building monuments. They built images of great personalities who had contributed significantly to the growth and development of the church in and around the Cathedrals. Many of these monuments were greatly adored the Christians.

Some of the Christians concentrated on decorating the Church buildings with beautiful pictures including those of saints. Some of them thought they would be put right with through such    rather than repentance.

There also developed a wrong interpretation of the Trinity. Some Christians came to believe that God the father, the son and the Holy Spirit were independent of each other.

Some of the Christians were taken up by their wealth. They thought that they had everything they wanted in life and God.

The educated Christians developed a thinking that God was only for the illiterate people.

Some of the Christians put a lot of emphasis on religious practices, very strict about such a and forgot all about following and Christian.

Some Christians worshipped and the remains of great Christians holy Personalities particularly that of the Saints. Their clothes and shoes among were adored as being holy and were treated with a lot respect.

There, developed the pre-destination doctrine (teaching) among the Christians leadership of John Calvin of Switzerland. It was widely taught that God had determined destiny of a person before his or her birth to either go to heaven or to hell human could be done to change the arrangement. This was so confusing and misleading it made some of the believers to give up with their faith.

The Christians also developed the doctrine of the sales of indulgence. By this, the priests encouraged the believers to give some gifts like money there to be forgiven. This made the rich to think       they buy salvation and they therefore forgot about repenting their sins.

Some of the Christians honoured almost worshipped the religious leaders among them including the pope, bishops and the

They used threatening method when preaching in   to people’s faith. Was presented as being a harsh judge who never forgives. This instead the scared the belivers

A lot of emphasis was put on the correct ways of worshipping other than the worshipping of God itself .This made Christianity to appear to be too restrictive to the hatred of many.

Man's Evasion of God in the    Old Testament

When human both male and female in His likeness (Genesis 1 expected them to respond to Him faith. In Genesis 1.1 ff God even involved man of creation when he was given the responsibility of other creatures and later put him in the Garden of Eden to cultivate and guard it

However the events that followed saw man fall apart with God and this marked the beginning the human race disappointing, ignoring and acting independent of God.

The first human beings disobeyed the simple command God had given them by forbidden fruit. By doing so, man rebelled against God and tried to equate themselves with God. They       also expressed greediness and became unrepentant (Genesis 3:1-77).

In the story of Cain and Abel, man acted with selfishness and jealousy. This led resulted into murder when Cain killed his own brother and denied being responsible .It was for this reason that God disapproved his actions by punishing him (Genesis 1)

The builders of the tower of Babel, tried to act independent of God but with a disastrous ending. Their plan to reach God in the sky through their building involved false wisdom, selfishness, pride, lack of faith and trust in God their desire to equate themselves with him. This could be used to explain reason as to why God punished them by mixing their language and destroying the building itself (Genesis 11: 1 ff).

While in Egypt the Israelites were oppressed and exploited through hard labour. The injustices against the Israelites displeased God as reflected in the call of Moses eventual liberation of the Israelites.

The Israelites evaded God by worshipping idols. At the foot of Mount Sinai, they made a molten calf to represent Yahweh (Exodus I: 7) While in the Promised Land, they went on to worship the idols of foreign gods. This was against their monotheistic faith as established at the foot of Mount Sinai

The Israelites practiced sexual immorality such as prostitution and incest. This was an evasion of God because it was against the covenant faith. A case in point was Hosea's who continued with her prostitution despite the husband's plea for her to stop it (Hosea 4:1-5)  

The Israelites demanded to have an earthly king. This was a direct rejection of authority as their ruler and therefore against theocratic background. (1 Samuel 8: 1-1).The Israelites evaded God by struggling for power. Their struggle for power was a disrespect to God's divine choice of the persons wanted to rule His people.

Unsuccessfully Saul tried to kill David after he realized that the Lord had favoured David to become the next king of Israel (1 Samuel 19 :l-4, 11-14 )

The Israelites disobeyed the Lord's command carrying out the act While wilderness on their way to the Promised God, through Moses commanded to destroy their enemies and their property. However, when King Saul and soldiers were told to do so, he spared King Agag and the tatty animals of Amalekites.

The Israelites evaded God by persecuting and suffered greatly in the hands of King Ahab and his pagan beaten up and chained upon the orders of Priest Pashhur.

The Israelites became unrepentant. They continued with their sinfulness despite warnings from the lord's prophets. For example, King Solomon continued with his sinful ways even when the Lord appeared to him commanding him to stop it.

Israelites evaded    by practicing religious syncretism. They worshipped Yahweh besides other gods like Baal and Molech- the disgusting god of Amon. This was against covenant faith, which demanded the  worship of only God.

Some of them disrespected      parents. The two sons of Eli, Phinehas and Hophni disrespected him and continued with their misbehaviour of sleeping with the women who served in the Tent of the Lord's Presence at Shiloh. This was the commandment which    It was for this reason that the lord rejected them as his priests.

The Israelites got involved in murder. For example King David plotted the death of Uriah his faithful soldier and yet the law had forbidden killing.      

The Israelites evaded God by selling parts of the     land to foreigners. King Solomon sold off twenty towns in the region of Galilee to King Hiram of Tyre but this land belonged to Yahweh.

 Guiding questions.

1.   How     did the people of Israel ignore God in their lives?

2.   Show how the Israelites evaded God after settling in the Promised Land.

How did Adam and Eve evade God by      eating the forbidden fruit?

        Disobedience of God's command


        Tried to be equal to God.

        Rebelled against God

        Became unrepentant

        Hid from God

        Betrayed God

        They showed pride

        Acted independently

        Worshipped the

        Lacked faith in God

        Disrespected God,

How did man evade by building the tower

§  Pride as they wanted to make a name       themselves through the building.

§  They were yet they are supposed to have been working.

§  They wanted to       equal to      as they desired to be with Him in heaven,

o  They abused God's given freedom

o  Misused God's creation particularly the soil       used for the building which was later destroyed.

o  False unity thinking it was only the building to write them.

o  Dodged responsibility of being on

o  Greediness,

o  Acted independently as they decided to work on their own to search for God.

o  Lacked faith in what God had done for them.

o  Lacked trust in God's provision.

How did man evade God in the story of Cain and Abel?

·      Murder as Cain killed Abel

·      Selfishness i.e. Cain gave the worst his harvest to God  Jealousy

·      Irresponsibility denied being responsible for his own brother

·      Pride-Cain challenged God "Am I the one to take care of   brother?"

·      Lying as Cain told God that he did not know the where about his brother was.

·      Rebellion

·      Unrepentant

·      Disobedience

·      Rudeness

·      Disrespect of God. Cain responded arrogantly to God.

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