Christian involvement means the following:

The active participation is the Christians in the affairs of their own community

The role, activities or the work of the Christians aimed at developing the society.

It is the services that the Christians render or offer society in which they live.

In their involvement, the Christians tend to follow their faith as they search for true meaning of life and in fulfilling the requirement of the scripture.

In Uganda today, Christians are involved in human affairs in the following ways.

Help the needy such as the poor, orphans and the disabled among others. This is what described as alms giving or charity work. A number of church founded organizations like Watoto Children and Sanyu Babies Home at Namirembe do take the responsibility providing tor the needs of such disadvantaged people giving them food, shelter, education and medical care among others.

The Christians have always been in the fore front calling tor peaceful means of solving conflict or disagreement among people. As they strive to reconcile the aggrieved parties, they encourage the members to sit in a round table to settle their misunderstanding forgive one another their effort to forge unity. For example, from the late 1990’s retired Bishop Reverend Mark Baker Ochola and Bishop Reverend Onono Onweny- both the Anglican church played important roles in calling upon the Ugandan government and the rebel group Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) under leadership of Joseph Kony to settle the Northern war through dialogue. Their effort also led the formation of the Acholi Religious Leaders Peace Initiative (ARLPS).

Some Christians are involved in the fight against dictatorship. They particularly condemn the violation of human rights. For example, the Uganda Joint Christian Council advocates for the observation of human rights.

There are many Christian organizations that are serving the people in different ways. The Catholic Relief Service (C.R.S) played a tremendous role as people in Northern Uganda were living in the Internally Displaced Camps (IDC). The people were provided with basic needs like food and clothes.

Christians are also translating the gospel into various languages. This is an effort to cater for all categories of people such they can read and understand the good news.

The Christians are involved in offering guidance and counseling services to the people around them. The Serenity Centre in Ggaba in Kampala has been helping to counsel people whose conditions or problems seem chronic including the alcoholic. This has helped to give a ray of hope to those who seeming have given up in life.

The Christians are actively offering medical services to the people. This is being through church managed hospitals like St Mary's Hospital Lacer in Gulu district Nsambya Hospital in Kampala. The improved health of the people enables them to engage productive activities for the development of their families and the country.  

There are media centres belonging to the church. This includes    and television stations like Light House Television, Record Television and Radio Maria and Power respectively all located in Kampala. Such centres have benefits including employment, sources of entertainment and information among others.

Through providing education services to the people they serve. This is being done through religious founded schools like St Mary's College Kisubi and Our Lady Queen Rubaga Girl's Secondary School. In such schools religious activities like compulsory. Besides, the church offers scholarship children from the committed families. 

The Christians are involved in creating and running income generating projects or corporations. Among others, Centenary Bank is the direct management of the Catholic Church. This is contributing to       development of the country in many ways like loans personal development and offering employment opportunities.

The church is preaching the gospel in various communities. This is an effort to strengthen the faith of the people they are serving.

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