Reasons for taking alcohol


The drinking of alcohol is continuously gaining ground among people today. The individuals give different reasons, answers or causes for their drinking including the following.

1.   To many people, drinking alcohol proves adult hood. To them, drinking alcohol is intended to demonstrate their maturity. This is because of the false belief that alcohol is meant only for the adults. Therefore, this means that they are no longer children but old people.

2.   Some individuals are influenced by their peer groups to take alcohol. Such people are driven into drinking in order to fit in that particular group. Be sociable and acceptable.

3.   Some people take alcohol in order to gain courage while relating to others. This is particularly true with shy people who cannot express themselves freely in the public.

4.   Some people take alcohol so that they forget about their problems. Therefore, drinking alcohol becomes an avenue of solving problems.

5.   Some people are also influenced by curiosity to take alcohol. This is caused by the desire to find out how nice or bad alcohol is.

6.   Some people are forced to take alcohol by the sweet and persuasive advertisement or sales promotion by the alcohol makers. The adverts put across information that may eventually attract the non-drinkers. Some of these adverts include "Kings Bee  by Pilsner. Discover the strength by Guinness and a drink for a great night and a good morning by Bell larger.      

7.   Some one's environment or the surrounding can lure him into drinking alcohol, for example, working in a brewing factory.      

8.   Some people take alcohol because of medical prescription. For example, doctors recommend alcohol to be taken by people with excess fats in their bodies in order to reduce the risks associated with such fatty bodies.

9.   Some people are influenced by the excess money available. Such people look at taking alcohol as a means of showing off their level of riches and a way of using the disposable income.

10. Some people feel that taking alcohol is a way of passing time and killing boredom. This is particularly true with workers who have the preference of being entertained by beer after completing their duties.  

11. Other people turn to drinking alcohol as means of relieving off tensions. This is caused when one is faced with hardships in life such as losing a dear one, a job or an election. To such people, alcohol becomes a consolation and a way of coping up with the difficulties.

12. Some people drink alcohol because of cultural influence. This is the case in a society where drinking is normal and promoted as a way of life.

13. Ignorance of the dangers of alcohol makes many people to drink it. People under this category may have the feeling that drinking is good and a fashion. Therefore, they get caught up in the act.

14. Some people take alcohol because of excitement especially during celebrations. For example, victory parties, graduation parties and wedding parties among others.

15. Other people take alcohol because of the decline in family organization. This is true in families where parents themselves are drunkards. Children from such families tend to copy the examples of the adults.    

16. Some take alcohol as a result of human weaknesses. Such an individual may have a weak mind and cannot, therefore, control the desire for a beer.

Dangers of taking alcohol

Taking alcohol may not necessarily be good as it is always thought of. It has a lot of problems associated with it not only to the individual consumer but also to the general public. These problems include.

1.   Taking alcohol leads to mental retardation. This reduces the level of one's thinking, learning and memory.

2.   Taking alcohol may lead to poor health of the consumers. The end result of alcohol may be the feeling-of some sicknesses including high blood pressure, red mouth, morning sweats, tuberculosis and uncontrolled shaking among others.

3.   Excessive drinking of alcohol may lead to loss of employment. This is brought about by the failure of the individual to work regularly and efficiently.

4.   Taking alcohol can result into having too much debt. This may be as a result of the individual borrowing money for drinking, keeping the family after spending the money on drinks or borrowing the drink itself. This can cause conflict among the individuals.

5.   Taking alcohol affects pregnancy negatively. It can either cause a miscarriage or result into the baby being born with abnormalities in the kidney bones and low birth weight among others.

6.   Taking alcohol may also lead to poor a social image. This may be a result- of urinating and defecating in clothes and falling alongside the road constantly among others. This eventually leads to loss of personality and respect.

7.   Taking alcohol may lead to loss of appetite. Such an individual may sleep hungry and wakes up sickly and weak to an extent where he or she cannot eat food.

8.   Taking alcohol is responsible for the domestic violence in some families. This may be as a result of too much income being spent on drinking, leaving family members to suffer from hunger, poor health and lack of education among others. The end result of all these may be quarrels and misunderstanding.

9.   Drinking alcohol can result into motor accidents. Drunkard drivers or pedestrians who may not be able to balance themselves properly are held responsible for some road accident.

10. Biblically, alcoholism is condemned. Wine is regarded as a mocker meant only for the wicked people. Therefore, taking alcohol is being disobedient to God.

11. Taking alcohol may lead to misbehaviour like rape, defilement, tights, quarrels and adultery among others. This leads to poor relationships in the community.

12. Taking alcohol is responsible for the social classes in the society. The drunkards have the tendency of isolating themselves and so is the case with the non-drinkers. This may cause lack of co-operation in the community.

13. Taking alcohol may lead to low level saving. This is true in cases where much income is spent on beers. This eventually leads to poverty.

N.B: It should be noted that the reasons for and the dangers of smoking are more or less the same with those of alcoholism. Therefore, it is important for a student to put this into consideration while revising.


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