Gambling refers to involving in playing games with the aim of making money, but without being sure of the final outcome. Gambling is based on the principle of either losing or making profit. Examples of some of these games include playing cards and lotto among others.

Causes For Gambling

1. Many people gamble because of permissiveness. This is where people feel that they have the freedom of doing anything they wish at any time. In such a situation, some people may choose to take part in gambling.

2. Some people gamble because of peer influence. People under this category are forced to gamble because of the strong desire to behave like the other members in the same group like age and work mates among others.

3. Idleness or redundancy is a common factor behind gambling today. Such people get involved in gambling as a way of keeping themselves busy.

4. The increasing level of unemployment is also causing gambling. This is the case with jobless people, who besides being unemployed must get any means of surviving. Such individuals may eventually engage in gambling.

5. The sweet and persuasive advertisements in the various mass media are a major cause of gambling today. Mass media such as television, newspapers, and radio stations pass on the information that makes gambling appear good and beneficial thus winning people s admiration.

6. The excitement involved in gambling is a factor forcing people to do it. This is caused by the strong desire for the praises of being a winner in a competition.

7. Gambling is also caused by poverty. Some people take on gambling because of the attractive rewards that seem to be a solution to the economic hardships they are experiencing.

8. Weaknesses of the state are may also lead to gambling. The government has currently failed to denounce some of these games. Instead, it has been giving support in various ways. This gives the people all the reasons to engage in gambling.

9. Gambling is caused by laziness. This is the case with people who are not willing to work at all and yet they desire to live, a good life. Therefore to such people gambling becomes a solution to working.

10. Some people gamble because of the surrounding environment especially if it is a center for gambling. These people are influenced by the availability of the equipment

11. Gambling may be caused by greediness for money coupled with the desire to getting rich faster. To these people, gambling appears the fastest way of achieving their goals.

Dangers of Gambling

1. Gambling encourages laziness among people. Since it involves using less energy, people would prefer it to working.

2. Gambling can lead to an increase in the level of crimes in the community. This is because it encourages the formation of gangs, which are always associated with stealing, raping and defiling among others.

3. Gambling can also lead to poverty. This is because the little money that should have been saved is used lip in gambling without getting the desired profit.

4. Gambling tends to lead to misunderstanding among people. This may be as a result of constant .loosing without getting profit. It can also cause conflicts between parents and their children especially if they are doing it against the wish of another.

5. Gambling wastes a lot of time that should have been used in a more productive activity. This retards development in the country.

6. Gambling may lead to loss of creativity of the participants. Such people may not be able to think on their own. This is because they easily get used to depending on the unknown.

7. Gambling leaves one's talents undiscovered and undeveloped as it does not normally involve the use of talents.

8. Gambling may ruin education among students. This is because it does not leave room for the students to revise books.

9. Gambling can result into an addiction. Such an individual may not be able to do am other thing other than gambling that becomes a daily business.

10. Gambling is a misuse of the available labour force. This means that a more productive activity is ignored in preference for gambling.

11. Gambling can easily lead to moral decay. Gamblers may eventually ignore good virtues in life such as honesty, faithfulness and patience among others because of the desire to win the prizes. As a result, they may begin cheating, pick pocketing and lying.

12. Gambling is against God's original plan for work. According to Genesis 1: 27-28, man is to be a co-creator through work but not gambling.

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