Changes caused by money today

Money refers to the medium of exchange. In a society like Uganda, the introduction of money came with a lot of changes. Some of the changes are positive and others are negative as seen below.

Positive Changes

1. Money has encouraged the spirit of hard work among the people. This is because of the need to get more of it to be used to meet other important obligations.

2. Money has made transaction easier. Selling and buying goods and services are now very simple unlike in the batter system where goods were exchanged with goods.

3. Money has eased the spread of the gospel. Money is being used to print more Christian literatures, build more Christian churches, and travel long distances while preaching.

4. Money has improved the level and the quality of education. More and more government and private schools are coming up. This has therefore made it easier for people to have access to education in fighting illiteracy.

5. Money has encouraged the growing of cash crops such as coffee, tea and cotton. This is as a result of the desire to get more money.

6. Money has encouraged the establishment of development projects such as industries, road construction and hydroelectricity plants among others. This is because of the need to get more money.

7. Money has also improved the health status of people. Better medical facilities like microscopes, x-ray machines and others are being produced and bought. This has helped in preventing and controlling epidemics.

8. Money has improved on the general standard of living. People now have access to tap water, roof houses, television sets and others through the use of money.

9. Money has promoted international co-operation through bodies such as World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF). These bodies have always helped to bring different countries together through their financial dealings. This has instead promoted world peace and stability.

10. Money had made it easier for wealth to be accumulated and stored. Money itself can be converted into other assets that may also be used for other productive activities.

11. Money has helped to diversify the leisure industry. Many people are setting up recreational centers like beaches, Zoos, disco halls and others. All these are aimed at acquiring more money. This has also helped other people by offering employment opportunities and relaxation.

12. Money has made it easier to acquire basic needs such as food, shelter, education and clothing. Those with money, who are not capable of producing such items, can simply buy them.

13. Money has made it possible for the rich to extend assistance to the needy such as the poor, widows, and orphans among others. These people may be given assistance in the form of donations. This is helping to reduce the level of suffering among such people.

Negative Changes

Despite the many good changes money has brought, a lot if evils are associated with it these include,

1. People are nowadays running away from God because of money'. Some even work on Sundays when they should have gone to church to pray.

2. Money has created enmity among people, as people struggle to get money, there is always envy, jealousy and fighting among others. This has destroyed the good relationship that could have been among the people.

3. Money has led to increased rate of prostitution. People are nowadays selling themselves for sex in exchange of money that they need to solve various problems in life.

4. Armed robbery has also increased because of money. Even in broad daylight, some people are using guns to obtain money from others forcefully.

5. Money has caused massive rural-urban migration. This is because of the belief that money is found in urban centers, but this leaves rural areas undeveloped and brings a lot of problems in urban centers like unemployment, accidents and others.

6. Money has created social classes between the poor and the rich. This is a threat to the much desired unity among people needed for human development.

7. Money has caused family neglect. Because of the desire to get more money, parents are always out of their homes, leaving children in the hands of house maids. In such a case, the needs of the family are not properly attended to.

8. Money has caused sorcery and witchcraft among people. People consult magicians in search of money. Typical of this, is the current talk of going under the water to consult the spirits so as to obtain riches. This has instead led to numerous cases of death.

9. Money has increased the level of corruption and embezzlement. Either an individual or group of individuals always misuses public funds. This denies the public the chance of using such facilities. Consequently, the population is subjected to suffering.

10. Money has caused pride among some people. The rich tend to see themselves as superior at the expense of the poor whom they under look and despise.

11. Money has led to exploitation of workers. Workers are subjected to long hours of work yet they receive little, late or no payment at all. The employers do all this because of the need to maximize- profits.

12. Money has caused commercialization of justice. This means that before, being given fair hearing in the court of law, one is expected to spend some money through hiring the lawyers or even bribing.

13. Money has also caused leisure to be commercialized. This is at the disadvantage of the poor who cannot afford to pay the money required. Such people are therefore denied the chance of enjoying the leisure.

How Christians can use money to cause change

As Christians, money should be used to bring glory to the kingdom of God. This means that Christians should use their money to cause positive changes as seen below.

1. Christians should sponsor church activities such as preaching, seminars, crusades, choir uniforms, printing more bibles and others. This can simplify the efforts of the church in evangelizing the world.

2. Christians should save some money by depositing in the bank. This will generate interest which can be used to assist other Christians. This is also a measure of guarding against luxurious expenditure.

3. Christians should try to invest their money. This can be in the form of fixed assets such as houses, land that may eventually contribute to development and benefit the entire community.

4. Christians should use their money to fulfill government obligations such as paying taxes. This can enable the government to provide social services like education and medical care to other people.

5. Christians should use their money to help the needy such as the orphans, widows and disabled among others. This can be through building shelter for them, paying them in schools or buying food. All these would reduce the level of suffering among such people.

6. Christians can use their money by sponsoring peace talks between conflicting parties. This can stop further war as means of solving disagreements. This becomes important in ensuring peace and harmony.

7. Christians can use money to cause change by opening up income generating projects such as schools, clinics and farms. All these can help in fighting problems like illiteracy, diseases and unemployment.

8. Christians can use money to enjoy constructive leisure activities like touring and watching drama in a theatre. This can create social harmony among people.

9. Christians use money to meet the medical bills for the family members. This removes the suffering within the family.

10. Christians can use money to cause change by organizing fund raising ceremonies. The funds raised can later be used to facilitate other activities such as building churches, roads and schools.

11. Christians can use money to cause change by paying school fees for their children. By educating the children, the Christian parents are preparing their children to offer future services to the entire population.

12. Christians can cause changes using money by providing the basic needs to their families. These needs may include food, shelter and clothing.

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