Changes Caused by Knowledge in Science and Technology

Human knowledge is increasing rapidly. This is because of the many people who spent and are still spending years and years of studying with the intention of solving the worldly problems.

Research reveals that knowledge in science is producing remarkable discoveries. Technology, which is an applied, is also producing changes never dreamt of in the lives of mankind. These changes are positive and negative.

Positive Changes

1. Technology has simplified man's work. For example, the introduction of computers has made work much simpler and faster. An individual can now do work that originally needed a lot of labour force.

2. Communication has also improved. For example, the introduction of mobile phones has eased the transfer of information. It is now possible to receive information from America or any part of the world within seconds.

3. Technology has improved on employment opportunities. People are nowadays working in various firms as operators of the machines and managers among others.

4. Technology has simplified the spread of the gospel. Equipment such as loud speakers, microphones, musical instruments and others are now being used in the churches.

5. Man's shelter has also been improved. Some people are nowadays living in permanent structures built using cement, bricks, iron sheets and others. This is opposed to the remote ways of building where most people would stay in grass-thatched huts.

6. Technology has improved on transport. People can now travel over long distances within a few hours or days by using airplanes, motor vehicles and others. This is opposed to the slow means of transport characterized mostly by pedestrians and horses.

7. Technology has caused remarkable improvement in security. People can now use. Satellite to provide information concerning security threats. Even the various types of guns can reduce the level of insecurity that would have otherwise been felt.

8. The education system has greatly improved because of the technology. Through using the Internet services, people can now access educational materials from any part of the world within few seconds.

9. Science and technology have greatly improved the mass media. Many firms producing new papers, magazines, radios and television have come up. This has made it easy for people to have access to a lot of information, which would have otherwise not been possible.

10. Science and technology has improved medical care. The hospitals are now using machines such as x-rays, scanners, microphones and others on the patients. This has helped in improving the health status and reducing the level of death.

11. Leisure activities have also been diversified. Because of science and technology, there are various leisure activities such as films, motor rallying and video games among others. This has reduced the level of boredom.

12. Modern science and technology has helped in creating relative peace. This has been as a result of people from different nations coming together to share their technological advancement.

Negative Changes

1. Modern science has increased the level of death among people. Many atomic bombs manufactured are being used to destroy people. For example, the September 11th 2001 attack of World Trade Center in America master minded by Osama Bin Laden of Afghanistan killed so many people. In the Northern Uganda, the Lord's Resistance Army, a rebel group under the leadership of Joseph Kony had been using land mines to destroy people's lives and their property.

2. Modern science has caused environment degradation. For example, use of factory products such as chemicals, polythene bags, bulldozers and others have instead destroyed the soil making it inhabitable for man's living.

3. Modern science has caused wide spread unemployment. Only one machine is capable of doing work that could have done by thousands of people.

4. Modern science has caused a decline in African cultures. Most African ways of doing things are looked at as out dated. This is because some appeared to give no practical solutions to man's problem.

5. The rate of accidents has also increased because of modern science. This is as a result of increased use of machines including vehicles and motorbikes.

6. Modern science has made man to evade God. Some people now believe that there is no God. This is because they are capable of providing practical solutions to their problems. For example, the discovery of space centers has made some people to argue that there is no heaven.

7. Modern science has increased the level of crime rate. For example, armed robbery has increased. Even some corrupt officers can now use computers to balance up their books after embezzling money.

8. Modern science has caused poverty to some people. This is the case with low-income earners who spend their money buying non-productive and luxurious items such as mobile phones, televisions and others.

9. Modern science has exposed people to pornographic materials. For example, watching blue movies, which are common today, has destroyed the moral background of many people.

10. Modern science has caused instability in families. This is the case in situations where each family member gets glued to different leisure activities like watching films, listening to music, watching motor rallies. This widens the gap between the family members thereby interfering with their social lives.

11. Modern science has destroyed international relations. For example, America attacked Iraq in March 2003 because of the suspicion that Iraq was having weapons of mass destruction.

12. Modern science has caused brain drain in developing countries like Uganda, Citizens of such countries have too much admiration for the developed countries like United States of America, Britain and others because of their technological advancement. This may explain why people massively migrate to such countries.

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